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Equine Retreat Gallery

You are invited to join us for our spring 2024 transformative, evidence-based approach to leadership development through equine-facilitated learning. This day-long retreat combines the wisdom of horses with proven strategies for effective, socially intelligent leadership, inspired by Linda Kohanov's groundbreaking research on "The Five Roles of a Master Herder." .

Leading with Presence is being offered on September 21st, 2024.


What You'll Experience

Throughout the day, our equine partners will guide you through experiential activities, allowing you to integrate the wisdom of the Five Roles. You will learn how to:

🌿 Cultivate assertiveness and establish clear boundaries to create harmonious and productive team environments. 

🌿 Inspire and guide others towards a shared vision, fostering trust and motivation. 

🌿 Develop heightened situational awareness to proactively address challenges and seize opportunities. 

🌿 Foster a sense of belonging and unlock the potential of those you lead. 

🌿 Challenge the status quo to inspire creativity and innovation.

By immersing yourself in these activities, the horses will serve as your mirrors and guides, helping you adapt and embody new ways of being. Together, we will explore how effective leadership requires knowledge of ourselves and our habitual patterns. This understanding will allow you to create healthy teams and personal relationships, find balance and foster growth

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