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Transform Your Relationship With Stress

Online Coaching with Lisa Burchartz


The Path Home To Yourself Starts Here

Are you exhausted from over-giving, overworking, and even over-feeling? 

Have you ever felt stuck in "anxious" energy or "frozen" by what life is throwing at there's a part of you that's grabbed the steering wheel and won't let go?​

According to polyvagal theory, repeated exposure to emotional stressors such as relational conflict, unrelenting workplace demands, loss, financial setbacks and caring for family members with complex needs can over-activate the fight--flight or freeze parts of our nervous system and block the calming rest-and-digest parts. The impact is living in a state of disconnection from ourselves and others, with limited access to our creativity and innovative thinking.


From this state, it feels near impossible to show up wholeheartedly in your life, work and relationships, but there is a way to break this cycle of dysregulation and reconnect with your greatest strengths and highest potential. 

Drawing on her 25-year career as a c-suite HR advisor, personal experience healing from burnout and chronic illness, and certifications in

Trauma-informed Somatic Mindfulness Coaching, Somatic Stress Release, Integrative Trauma Therapy and Executive Coaching, Lisa Burchartz offers customized support to ally with your body to build resilience, rise up after challenges and create a life you'll love living. 


With Lisa as your guide, you'll develop new capacities to better face and process past setbacks, current emotional challenges and future events, including the ability to:

  • Break habitual patterns of overgiving, overworking and abandoning yourself to please others

  • Ally with all your body's emotional channels: calming, energizing, and restorative

  • Recognize and respond to your emotional triggers earlier and more effectively

  • Guide your physiology out of fight, flight and freeze responses, then redirect that energy toward restoration and ease

  • Heal attachment wounds and discover your core values and signature strengths

  • Create boundaries and authentically express your preferences, needs and limits so you can live the happy, healthy life you deserve 

  • Connect with the highest possibility for your life and career while cultivating the confidence, capacity and community to move forward and achieve it

I integrate (and highly recommend) the Connect Decks Emotional Awareness App into all of my offerings




Ways to Work with Me

"Truly understanding and embodying your biological processes of stress is the keystone to your freedom, resilience & well-being. It allows you to come home to your body and use that power to adapt and thrive." 

-  Dr. Scott Lyons.


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